Is it possible to be living in one of the busiest cities in the world, in a rented property, holding a full time job with limited free time and being on a fairly tight budget but having a fruitful organic garden that produces a decent amount of various vegetables?  Yes it is!

I’m Anca and I have created this site to show others how I was able to start an organic garden on a low budget and hopefully it will inspire many to try similar experiments and turn their backyard or balcony into a productive garden.

I am not a gardener by profession, I have a 9 to 5 office job and I needed something different, away from a desk, so gardening was my chosen hobby.  I am a Google gardener, I have accustomed myself with the right knowledge from the internet and proceeded in experimenting, making use of the space available. This is not an ideal garden; this is my experiment in making the most of the current circumstances, something that anybody can do.

I live in East London, in a rented terraced house where fortunately we have a garden. It is not a big garden; it was certainly not a well maintained garden, more of a patch with little grass and plenty of weeds and with soil as hard as a brick and full of pests. It was obviously not a good soil to plant any vegetables and the thought of investing my money in improving the soil of a garden that’s not really my property wasn’t appealing.  I have been using instead planting bags and pots for all the vegetables and some flower borders for the more resistant plants that could safely thrive directly in the garden.

The advantage of growing everything in bags and pots is that I can easily relocate everything, either around the garden so I can create a new landscape or, in the event that I have to move, I will just take my entire garden with me! No plant will be left behind.

I like to experiment with rare varieties of vegetables so I order organic seeds from all over the world and I just go for it. If I invest my time and resources in this project, I like growing what I cannot easily find for purchase in stores. On the vegetables side, I grow many varieties of tomatoes and salads which we consume on a daily basis, also many herbs used for cooking. You can see HERE my selection.

Everything is organic: the soil, the compost, and the seeds I started from, I try to keep everything clean and free of all pesticides but this doesn’t help with pests. My garden is full of pests, it is like they’ve all decided to come together and unite their efforts in eating my plants! I have tried many natural ways of getting rid of pests and I have listed my battles HERE.

I will try and list all the plants I am growing, with their stories, successes and failures and with plenty of images to show the progress.

the garden in June

the garden in August

the garden in September